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The Truth is here. Striding truth is a statement of intent. The truth shall now stride forward and roar. It is the truth of a young man and his mission here on Earth. It has now started with the coming of James but it is up to humanity what happens next. It is the responsibility of all of you now to make a better world. He is here to bring peace to this Earth and restore balance throughout All That Is. This is a huge task, but it is not insurmountable, with your help the greater good shall stride forward, the truth shall be known and peace shall come. It is in this knowing that with love anything is possible. Know that you can make a difference and it is vital that people who are working towards change come together and unite. Together the power of love shall unite all and there shall be peace on Earth.
Striding Truth has held numerous children’s parties at the Larkhill centre to bring the community together and offer children a fun time where they can engage with other children and have fun, along with the adult carers/parents in their lives. No entrance fee is asked and any foods and drink are completely free, in this way all are welcome.

Striding Truth holds events at the Larkhill Centre on the 2nd Tuesday and the 4th Friday in the month. On Tuesdays the evening commences at 7.30pm and on Fridays at 8.00pm Entrance is £5 and refreshments are provided.

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